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Monday, September 15, 2008


Like many WISes, I had always been fascinated by watch movements. Its amazing how these tiny parts work together to keep time. As a photography enthusiast, I am even more attracted by the intricate details presented in micro scale. Probably one of the reasons why watches with display back sells well.

Take a look at this cufflinks from Vintage watch movements were converted into cufflinks and other accessories.

Jules Jurgensen.
Lucien Piccard.
These are also available as necklaces, rings, tie clips and tie tags. The necklaces and rings would probably please the wife or girlfriend. Buying a ring version for the spouse gives one excuses to buy a matching set of cufflinks for yourself! :D

Necklace pendant made from a vintage Waltham pocket watch movement.
Ring made from an Anton Schild vintage movement.
Elgin movement made into a tie clip.
Waltham vintage movement made into a tie tag.
These nostalgic little trinkets will definitely made great gifts for any watch aficionados.

As a clumsy person who frequently break things, I was wondering if I can use such delicate artpieces. Since I am contemplating to buy a pair someday, I thought I ask the designer herself. Ricky Wolbrom replied that there is no glue used in her work, instead she used two-part industrial clear epoxy, the same formula used in steel work and the airline industry for bonding, one probably gotta use a hammer before weakening the bond.

She also assured me that the movements were savaged from non working time pieces that no longer serves their original purposes. Every piece is handmade, with many hours of work put behind each piece.

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Wally said...

I've bought several pairs of cufflinks from, and I have to say I'm extremely pleased with what I received.

The intricate gearwork and design of the pieces are so finely detailed and present an unconventional and still classy image at the same time.

My favorites are the "Elgin Bold Rectangle" and "Elgin Large Rectangular Vertically Mounted Cufflinks." Check them out, you won't be sorry!!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Looks very sophisticated, like James Bond's gadget.

Anonymous said...

nice blog! love the new article on the cufflinks amongst the myrid of interesting photographs. i notice u have a link to a certain DIY watchmaker 'Davidsen'. personally i dun mind homage watches like Precista or MKII, both which has strong resemblance to the watch they r trying to portray. But davidsen still cater to the rep market doesnt he? by that i mean he sell watches with exact 'Panerai' markings on the dial, cases, movement even etc2. i like to hear wat your stand is on this? :)

ANTON C said...


I don't know what's your purpose of asking, but its inappropriate and I don't enjoy such questions for following reasons.

1) You are bringing an off topic question from the original post; Watch Cufflinks.

2) The rep vs hom issue had been debated many, many times in many, many places. This blog has no interest in such debates.

3) Davidsen's business is his own. I don't judge people I don't know. The link I provided is to his homage watch business.

4) Again, I am not interested in discussing another individual's deeds, who am I to care? And I certainly don't discuss it with someone anonymous either.

ANTON C said...

Thanx for the info Wally, yes I am very tempted, probably would had pulled the trigger if not for the fact that my hobby funds are now allocated to camera lens and gear for the moment. :)

Dennis, they are very classy, you would like them if you are an watch enthu like us. :)

Anonymous said...

i am from same anonymous poster as above. How can u say Davidsen business is his own when over time again in many different WIS forums, ive seen u giving credit n promoting his so called 'homage' pieces, never did once care to mention he is also a synonymous name amongst replica watch circle. As an independent watchmaker like davidsen, a substaintial part of his manufacturing procedure is to consolidate parts to make up numbers of MOQ so he can release new models, with that in mind, isn't buying any of his gear indirectly contributing to the replica watch industry? btw im posting as anonymous cos i cant be bothered siging up a gmail account. If u can want to continute this conversation any further u can shoot me a mail on Good day

ANTON C said...

Davidsen's business is his own. I did a review of the watch he made.

I done reviews of MANY OTHER WATCHES too and I post my reviews on many watch forums. The Marina Militare watch is just one of these reviews.

If you want to crusade against replicas, salutes to you. I am sure there are many replica forums and circles out there for you to champion your noble cause. Why pick my blog?

If you merely want to discuss the rep vs hom topic, you should had emailed me instead, and not taking your crusade to my post on watch movement cufflinks.

Gruen said...

Very sophisticated pieces of jewelry, they sure make an original present.

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Krinjal Arora said...

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Anonymous said...

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