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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ever bought a watch that comes with a foreign language day wheel that you can't read? When I bought my first Sinn, I personally have a problem reading the German days of the week. It was Tuesday and the watch shows DIE! Then I remember when I was looking around for Lemania 5100 watches, I chanced upon a watch photo with the word SEX in the watch's day window. I kept wondering why was that until I later learned it was the Portuguese abbreviation for Friday.

Seiko 5 watch with Portuguese day wheel; photo courtesy of Mike (OldHippie1968 on watch forums), used with his kind permission.
Seiko movements are especially known to come with bilingual day wheels, the common being English with Spanish, and of course Japanese Kanji, targeted at their own Japanese market, and even Arabic. Oris is known to be very Thai friendly and many interesting Chinese watches are also showing up in enthusiasts' collections. Thus I made a list below for quick reference and I hope to add to the list.

Please inform me if you know more and correct me if there's anything wrong below. Thanx in advance.


الأحد or يوم الأحد - Sunday
الإثنين or يوم الإثنين - Monday
الثُّلَاثاء or يوم الثُّلَاثاء -Tuesday
الأَرْبعاء or يوم الأَرْبعاء - Wednesday
الخَمِيس or يوم الخَمِيس - Thursday
الجُمْعَة or يوم الجُمْعَة - Friday
السَّبْت or يوم السَّبْت - Saturday


or 星期日 or 礼拜日 or 周日 or 星期天 or 礼拜天 - Sunday
or 星期一 or 礼拜一 or 周一 - Monday
or 星期二 or 礼拜二 or 周二 - Tuesday
or 星期三 or 礼拜三 or 周三 - Wednesday
or 星期四 or 礼拜四 or 周四 - Thursday
or 星期五 or 礼拜五 or 周五 - Friday
or 星期六 or 礼拜六 or 周六 - Saturday


MA or Maandag - Monday
DI or Dinsdag - Tuesday
WO or Woensdag - Wednesday
DO or Donderdag - Thursday
VR or Vrijdag - Friday
ZA or Zaterdag - Saturday
ZO or Zondag - Sunday


SUN or Sunnuntai - Sunday
MAA or Maanantai - Monday
TII or Tiistai - Tuesday
KES or Keskiviikko - Wednesday
TOR or Torstai - Thursday
PER or Perjantai - Friday
LAU or Lauantai - Saturday


DIM or Dimanche - Sunday
LUN or Lundi - Monday
MAR or Mardi - Tuesday
MER or Mercredi - Wednesday
JEU or Jeudi - Thursday
VEN or Vendredi - Friday
SAM or Samedi - Saturday


SON or Sonntag - Sunday
MON or Montag - Monday
DIE or Dienstag- Tuesday
MIT or Mittwoch - Wednesday
DON or Donnerstag - Thursday
FRE or Freitag - Friday
SAM or Samstag - Saturday


रवि or रविवार - Sunday
सोम or सोमवार - Monday
मंगल or मंगलवार - Tuesday
बुध or बुधवार - Wednesday
गुरू or गुरुवार - ThursDay
शुक्र or शुक्रवार - Friday
शनि or शनिवार - Saturday


DOM or Domenica - Sunday
LUN or Lunedì - Monday
MAR or Martedì - Tuesday
MER or Mercoledì - Wednesday
GIO or Giovedì - Thursday
VEN or Venerdì - Friday
SAB or Sabato - Saturday


or 日曜日 or にちようび - Sunday
or 月曜日 or げつようび - Monday
or 火曜日 or かようび - Tuesday
or 水曜日 or すいようび - Wednesday
or 木曜日 or もくようび - Thursday
or 金曜日 or きんようび - Friday
or 土曜日 or どようび - Saturday


DOM or Domingo - Sunday
SEG or Segunda-feira - Monday
TER or Terça-feira - Tuesday
QUA or Quarta-feira - Wednesday
QUI or Quinta-feira - Thursday
SEX or Sexta-feira - Friday
SAB or Sábado - Saturday


I - Monday
II - Tuesday
III - Wednesday
IV - Thursday
V - Friday
VI - Saturday
VII or Red Square - Sunday


ВСК or Воскресенье - Sunday
ПНД or Понедельник - Monday
ВТР or Вторник - Tuesday
or Среда- Wednesday
ЧТВ or Четверг - Thursday
or Пятница - Friday
СБТ or Суббота - Saturday


DOM or Domingo - Sunday
LUN or Lunes - Monday
MAR or Martes - Tuesday
MIE or Miércoles - Wednesday
JUE or Jueves - Thursday
VIE or Viernes - Friday
SAB or Sábado - Saturday


อา or วันอาทิตย์ - Sunday
จั or วันจันทร์ - Monday
อั or วันอังคาร - Tuesday
พุ or วันพุธ - Wednesday
พฤ or วันพฤหัสบดี - Thursday
ศุ or วันศุกร์ - Friday
or วันเสาร์ - Saturday

*Added on 13 September 2008:

Some folks might have difficulty reading the non-Latin alphabetical characters due to web browser incompatibility, so I added this picture for Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Russian and Thai.


Anonymous said...

It is me... anonymous. Interesting reading you forgot to add russian though

ANTON C said...

I did not forget actually. I have not include it yet because I realized none of my Russian watches have the Day function and I don't remember seeing any Russian watch with day either.

I am consulting WUS's Russian Watches forum for help on this subject and had posted a message there.

Anonymous said...

It is my ... anonymous again.
You might check ill phil's site for that info. Many slabas are day-date..

Also it might be better if for the other lenguages you poste an image instead of the actual wording bacause it might not be friendly from some browsers.

ANTON C said...

The WUS Russian Watches forum is great. I got the info already!

I am afraid I don't have the images and have to rely on web browsers.

BTW Anonymous, whats your handle on the watch forums?

Anonymous said...

It is me (anonymous) ... if you can see the days of the week in your browser you can get a print screen to generate the image. Then use that image to replace the characters, who do not reproduce well on many browsers.
My identity in other watch forums (if any) shall not be revealed :-)

ANTON C said...

That's a great idea! Thank you! I will do it once I confirm this list. I think it still got some room for growth.

I just emailed a friend in the Netherlands and requested for a Dutch version.

What other languages you think I should add?

Anonymous said...

How about Hindi(Devanāgarī), you can find some Indian hmt watches with day/date in Hindi

रविवार Sunday
सोमवार Monday
मंगलवार Tuesday
बुधवार Wednesday
गुरुवार ThursDay
शुक्रवार Friday
शनिवार Saturday

Anonymous said...

How about Hindi(Devanāgarī), you can find some Indian hmt watches with day/date in Hindi

रविवार Sunday
सोमवार Monday
मंगलवार Tuesday
बुधवार Wednesday
गुरुवार ThursDay
शुक्रवार Friday
शनिवार Saturday

Anonymous said...

oops! I posted twice, about Hindi

ANTON C said...

Okie, do they have a short abbreviated word?

You know like MON for MONDAY... etc.

Anonymous said...

Good to have this info in one place.

Thanks Anton


Sudhakar said...

Just remove 'वार' to get short from like Sun. 'रवि' means day. I've included how to pronounce them in brackets.

रवि (Ravi) Suns
सोम (Soma) Mon
मंगल (Mangal) Tue
बुधव (Budha) Wed
गुरु (Guru) Thu
शुक्र (Sukra) Fri
शनि (Sani) Sat

ANTON C said...

Thanx Sudhakar, added to the list.

Dutch is added too, thanx to Bjorn Keizers.

rohitkoul.wce@gmail said...

really all included by mine side ..
nothing to edit..
its more than enough..

ANTON C said...

Thanx Rohitkoul. :)

Goose said...

This is an old thread, but the info is great and, well, timeless.
Thank you. Your work is appreciated.

vivian said...

Thanks for this info -- very helpful and convenient to look up.

Mike Menendez said...

I am sorry to ask this i am nt a collector i just like wrist watches lol i jus hot a seiko with German for the weekdays but i got this other watch i cant read its a newer one tha name jus looks like a scribble can I post a picture on here and somebody help me lol please and thank you

Leslie Tong said...

Thanks! This helped so much, I was confused for a while haha. This is actually pretty cool!

Russ Fortson said...

Great information! Thanks for posting this. I just bought a Citizen automatic with a second language on the daywheel. This confirmed that it's Chinese. I also have Arabic, Spanish, and used to have French. I've never owned a German one (yet).

Anonymous said...

anybody know were i can get a watch with portuguese date wheel here in the usa ?

Anonymous said...

I believe you forgot Australian watches.

Mon- F*ckn C^&*t
Tues- Bloody C^&t
Thurs- F%&% Sh!&$^
Fri- Good C%&%t
Sat- Aw F$%^& yeah C$%^&t
Sun- F$%^&in Oath C%^&t

Unknown said...

Thank u so much for putting this.Got my partner a watch for his birthday and it came up with Sab thought there was a fault with it lol.

Marcel A. Scrivner said...

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a guy who bought a watch said...

ok now this watch i have is weird the dates on the calendar are the following :

sun dom mon lun tue mar wed mier thu juev fri vier sat sab
^ ^
red red
can anyone help please i have no idea what language this is please help!!!

newone said...

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Unknown said...

Very interesting, I just got a Seiko 6309 diver and it has Roman Numerals on it. I got it on a Sunday and it was the red square, I didn't know wtf was up with it at first lol.

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miasaraa azman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
miasaraa azman said...

Hello @a guy who bought a watch
The stuffs that u wonder is exactly Spanish and English language.


sun (Sunday)
dom (Domingo)

mon (Monday)
Lun (lunes)

tue (Tuesday)
mar (martes)

wed (Wednesday)
mier (miercoles)

thu (Thursday)
juev (jueves)

fri (Friday)
vier (viernes)

sat (Saturday)
Sab (sabado)

Based on my experience , Spanish language is always appear started from midnight till a while. Then it will change to English language.

Hope this info is useful.


nanak bah said...

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