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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Some pictures of my G Shock collection which I originally posted at WUS Casio G Shock forum a few weeks ago. I bought the Gulfman as a birthday gift for my brother this year, at the same time I bought myself a Mudman too.
The Gulfman.
The Gulfman's caseback, looks like a turtle with some weapons? A Ninja-turtle?
The Mudman.
The Mudman caseback, a mole wearing Oakleys and driving wheels?
First generation Frogman, DW6300.
DW6900, popular watch with NASA astronauts.
DW5900, another popular watch with NASA astronauts.
DW5600C (vintage), certified for space flight by NASA.
DW5600E (contemporary), certified for space flight by NASA.
Another photo of the DW5600E.
And here's a group photo. And yeah, I got 7 DW5600s, for the C version, I have both modules 691 and 901 and both examples of both modules from factory locations both Japan A and Japan H. For the E version, one is Casio Thailand, another is Casio Malaysia.
Last photo.


Dennis said...

Nice! Can give me the blue one? Looks nice on my hand. Ha! Ha!

ANTON said...

Blue Gulfman was my bro's birthday present and yes, its nice.

Dennis said...

I guess the black one is yours then?

ANTON C said...

Mine all mine!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Seems that u added new pics for all your Casio watches. Quite a lot hah!

ANTON C said...

They were all there actually just that you gotta click the link to the watchuseek forum. But now I decide to display them at my blog instead. Haolian can or not?

Ronin said...

Nice ¡¡¡ great collection of a DW5600C ;)

Great Blog

ANTON C said...

Thanx for your kind comments, Marc.

Anonymous said...

Nice Casio g shock watch collection

Anonymous said...

Wow, all nice! My fiance is crazy on Casio watches too! He has a Gulfman one, the titanium part serie.

ANTON C said...

I like the DW5600 series best.

Alkis said...

Nice collection Anton.
I do need some help, I had a while ago a Gshock, but it had a screwback cover, I did give it away to my grand father, then I went on looking for the same watch to buy it, but it was not longer in stores, so I bought the Illuminator version which it had 4 screws in the back,
The original I had I think was way better, I still have the second one but battery recently died, so I need to find out the model of the one with that type of screback cover, I think it is the 5600, but would like to make sure before I order it, light was not as bright as the illuminator version.
Thanks for your help.

Alkis said...


I found it .|66:2|39:1|72:1326|293:1|294:50#ht_866wt_1165

Alkis said...

I have a brand new U.S $100.00 for that DW5600 you own.

ANTON C said...

Congrats, Alkis, you can refer to the DW5600C page for more info:

Cristina said...


Can you tell me if the inscription "Stainless steel" on the back of the Casio means that the watch is a fake? we have an online store in Romania, on which we sell watches, and I know that they are original, from many different reasons, but a client of mine says that the above inscription certifies that it`s a fake, just because he has a fake rolex with the same text on the back case.

Thank you!

ANTON C said...

Hi Cristina,

It is common to have the mention 'STAINLESS STEEL' OR 'ST. STEEL' on the back of watches. Fake or original depend on many factors too.


Acidrain said...

Nice features! Now I got no problems buying one. I also got this cool site featuring Gshock watches from Japan

Anonymous said...

how about casio G-shock made in china?,I have one DW-5600BB limited edition

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Anna JoĊ„ska said...
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